BLUE VO!CE microphone technology gives you a choice of real-time voice filters to reduce noise, add compression and ensure that your voice sounds richer, cleaner, and more professional.

Memory foam wrapped in premium leatherette or breathable velour gives you lasting comfort. So you can play longer and harder, and focus on winning.

With a sturdy and lightweight frame constructed of aluminum and steel, PRO X is built for durability, comfort, and a premium aesthetic.

DTS HEADPHONE:X 2.0 is the latest version of object-based sound imaging from DTS. Version 2.0 takes 7.1 channel surround sound further than ever with enhanced bass rendering, audio clarity, and proximity cues. 

PRO-G features a unique hybrid mesh construction to deliver amazingly clear and precise sound imaging

Audio EQ profiles—tuned by esports athletes—are now available on G HUB Gaming Software. Use their profiles as-is, or fine tune to your ears. 

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