Standard USB audio interface: widely applicable to USB3.0 / 2.0 interface devices, plug and play. One interface can realize the necessary listening and microphone functions for online lessons.

40mm Audio Unit: Equipped with a 40mm audio unit and full ear protector design, the headphone analyzes more sound details and restores the real sound that gives you the enjoyment of amazing stereo surround sound effects.

360°Adjustable Unidirectional Microphone: Featuring a 360° freely adjustable microphone shaft, the microphone with noise reduction function can intelligently recognize the human voice and suppress environmental noise that makes voice communication clear and smooth.

Full-earmuffs and adjustable headband: The full-ear-muff earmuffs are designed to reduce pressure on the ears; The adjustable headband can be worn comfortably on different head shapes.

165g Lightweight Design: The headset is designed to be lightweight, optimizing the structure and reducing unnecessary components as much as possible while retaining essential components, making it comfortable to wear for a long time

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