Unleash personality onto your desk space and beyond with POP Keys. Together with a matching POP Mouse, let your true self shine with a statement desktop aesthetic and fun customizable emoji keys.

POP Keys comes with eight swappable emoji keys which you can easily mix and match* to suit your mood. 

Experience typing that’s almost addictive on typewriter-style mechanical keys. Feel your fingers bounce across the keys, and hear the mechanical switches click, clack, and pop with every press.

Its 12 new FN shortcuts give you what you really need today – helping you snip screen, trigger Voice-to-Text, and Mute your mic in a long meeting

Unleash your personality across multiple devices at a time using POP Keys’ Easy-Switch keys—which let you pair up to 3 devices and switch typing between them with a single tap

Scooped round keys match the shape of your fingertips for a snug and smooth touch-typing

With up to three years’ battery life and keys that can endure up to 50 million strokes

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