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HP Car Charger Dual USB-A 3.4A

HP 55742, 55743 Car Charger Dual USB-A 3.4A Compatible with most USB devices, Over current/ voltage/ heat protection…

HP Car Charger USB-C & USB-A 4.0A

HP Car Charger USB-C & USB-A 4.0A, available in two colors Black and White…

HP USB 5.4A (AU) Smartphone Vehicle Charge

HP 38783 USB 5.4A (AU) Car Charger Ideal for charging solution for the latest Quick Charge™ mobile devices, Suits 12V & 24V vehicle power systems…

HP USB 5.4A (UK) Smartphone Wall Charger

HP 38782 USB 5.4A (UK) Wall Charger Ideal charging solution for the latest Quick Charge™ mobile devices, Compatible with many Android & iOS charging devices…

j5create JUP2290 100W PD USB-C™ Super Charger

Charge your USB-C™ powered devices and a USB™ mobile device simultaneously with j5create JUP2290 USB-C™ Super Charger…

j5create JUPW1101W 10W Wood Wireless Fast Charger

j5create JUPW1101W 10W Wireless Charger is equipped with Qi inductive wireless charging technology to charge your device at Apple or Android…

j5create JUPW1102W 10W Wood 2-Coil Wireless Charger

j5create JUPW1102W 10W 2-Coil Wireless Charger is equipped with Qi inductive wireless charging technology to fast charge your Apple or Android device, up to 5V/1A…

Lindy 10 Port USB Charging Station

The Lindy 10 Port USB Charging Station allows charging up to 10 USB devices like tablets or smartphones.…

Lindy 2 Port USB Type A Smart Travel Charger, 10.5W

Lindy 73110 charges and powers two USB devices simultaneously…

Logitech 920-009996 Combo Touch Graphite Backlit Keyboard Case with Trackpad for iPad

The ultimate case for iPad (7th, 8th & 9th gen) has just touched down. Combo Touch combines a precision trackpad with a full-size keyboard for…

Logitech Black Slim Combo Case with Detachable Backlit Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5″ 920-008448

Logitech Slim Keyboard Case 920-008448 With a detachable keyboard and adjustable kickstand, transform Slim Combo into four use modes for amazing versatility…

Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Air (4th gen) 920-010001

Type, view, sketch, and read with Folio Touch, the amazingly flexible console case with a trackpad for iPad Pro and iPad Air.…

Mobile and Tablet Accessories Distributor

Mobile and tablet accessories make your devices complete. These include different types of chargers that power your gadgets instantly and tablet mounts that facilitate ease of viewing, among others. The cases protect your tablet against accidental falls while also turning into a convenient tablet stand for multimedia use. If you are shopping for these trendy add-ons to make your phone or tablet usage simpler and more efficient, feel free to check out our latest collection of high-quality mobile and tablet accessories from all the top brands.


Chargers are essential accessories for your electronic gadgets. There are different types of chargers available. Depending on the device you are using, you can either opt for a wireless charging pad or go with the more conventional wired chargers, some of which provide blazing-fast speeds of charging to get your phone ready for use at short notice. Read more to know about the various benefits of wireless charging.

Beyond the speed and mode of charging, these chargers differ in other ways too: some feature multiple ports to charge several devices simultaneously, while others have different USB cable types such as USB Type-C, USB-B, and USB-A to power different electronic equipment. Read more to learn about the right USB cable for you.

Newcom, one of the best mobile accessories distributors in the Middle East, has partnered with several top charger manufacturers, including HP, j5Create, Targus, and Logitech to bring to you the best quality USB wall chargers and wireless fast chargers in affordable prices so that you can choose the model that works best for your gadgets and delivers an uninterrupted usage.

Tab mount

Using a tablet becomes even more efficient when it gets the right mount (or stand) because it allows you to use your device in many more scenarios. For instance, your tablet can be mounted to the kitchen counter for easy access to a tasty recipe, or to your work desk to conveniently attend the increasingly common Zoom meetings.

When deciding on the best tablet mount, a proper viewing angle and screen size are the most important determiners of device compatibility. Hence, we provide a wide variety of tablet mounts to help you select the perfect tablet stand for your office, restaurant, workshop, or school.

Each of our tablet mounts comes with its unique design and set of capabilities. Some tab mounts can be placed on a flat surface like a table or desk, on a slanted surface like a kiosk, or even on the rails of a piece of exercise equipment, on a shelf, or even in your car.

Most of our mounts are tablet-specific, but some of them are “universal” to support tablets (screen sizes of 7 to 12 inches) that are almost the size of a mini-laptop monitor.


A sturdy (and fashionable) case makes sure your tablet receives protection against freak accidents such as scratches, slips, falls and spillage while also drawing attention for its looks.

To safeguard your tablets, we have partnered with some of the top manufacturing brands in the world to provide you with cases designed specifically for famous brands and models, Apple iPads and various Android tablets.

Our tablet cases are manufactured by brands like Tucano and Targus, which design cases for Apple, Samsung, and other premium brands. Apple iPad users can check this out for features to look for in cases and covers.