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Logitech ConferenceCam Connect Portable for Huddle Room 960-001034

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect for huddle rooms is compatible with most of the VC apps, features a premium glass lens for maximum clarity…

Logitech Group Video Conferencing System 960-001057

Logitech Group Video Conferencing System with USB plug-and-play connectivity, Customize the setup to match the layout and size of your room…

Logitech Meetup All-In-One Conference Cam for Huddle Rooms 960-001102

Logitech Meetup All-In-One Conference Cam for Huddle Rooms with an ultra-wide lens, RightSight™ computer vision, MeetUp automatically adjusts camera position and zoom to find and…

Logitech Rally 960-001227 Conference Camera Ultra HD PTZ for Meeting Rooms

PEERLESS PERFORMANCE. EXCEPTIONAL VERSATILITY. With premium industrial design and an Ultra-HD imaging system, Rally Camera tops the lineup of standalone video cameras from Logitech. Packed…

Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Product ID: 960-001336 (Graphite) / 960-001348 (White) Built-in Components: 6 beamforming microphones, PTZ camera, 3 speakers, AI Viewfinder, cable management & retention system, table stand, Logitech…

Logitech Rally Plus 4K Video Conferencing System for Large Rooms 960-001242

Logitech Rally Plus 4K Video Conferencing System for Large Rooms with cinema-quality video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy…

Logitech Rally Plus 4K Video Conferencing System Kit 960-001237

Start your meeting with just one touch, seamlessly connecting Rally to your preconfigured room solution with ultra-low distortion speakers, sensitive mic pods, Auto-level loud and…

Logitech Scribe Whiteboard Camera for Video Conferencing Rooms 960-001332

Effortlessly share whiteboards in video meetings with Logitech Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera for Microsoft Teams® Rooms, Zoom Rooms, and other leading video conferencing services.…

Logitech TAP Microsoft Teams and Skype with Tap Video Conferencing TAPZOOMBASEI7ME

Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom include everything you need to build out conference rooms with one or two displays. Available in small, medium, and large…

Logitech TAPMSTBASEI7ME VC TAP for MS Teams Room

Make video meetings simple to join with a touch controller with wireless and HDMI content-sharing.…

Rapoo C1620 HD Video Conference Camera 11954

Rapoo C1620 Autofocus HD 1080P with premium less signal-to-noise ratio up to 55dB, reducing reverberation and ambient noise support 20x Optical Zoom + 16x Digital…

Video Conferencing Solution Distributors

Audio and video meetings and seminars are made possible with the help of video conferencing products and software,which also includes tools for chatting, sharing screens, and recording proceedings. These products and their software are used to cut down on business expenses, improve teamwork efficiency, and facilitate communication overvast distances or across international boundaries,

Video conferencing solutions are conference room audio video solutions that help boost client connections and facilitate clear and consistent inter-team communication. In addition, integrations with marketing automation and customer relationship management software are available in some video conferencing systems, allowing for the streamlined synchronization of crucial business data into relevant conferences and the simplification of follow-up communications and account updates.

A video conferencing equipment must meet the following criteria to be considered part of the video conferencing solutions category:

  • Allow people to talk to one another using video and voice via the internet; and
  • Allow video conference hosts to adjust settings and invite participants.
  • Allow high-quality recordings of meetings for reference and use in the future.

Advantages of video conferencing solutions

The term "video conferencing" refers to an online meeting in which many participants view and hear each other in real time through the internet. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are just a few examples of the video conferencing platforms and services used to host these meetings. There are many advantages of video conferencing solutions––below are just a few:

Reduction of monetary and time costs

Businesses spend a lot on travel expenses. The costs of holding a meeting in the workplace or attending an internationally held meeting also include the time staff must be compensated for preparing for a meeting and reaching a location.

Video conferencing solutions help reduce such costs by facilitating the smooth conduction of meetings, irrespective of the geographical locations of the participants. This helps reduce the monetary and time investment required if all or most meetings were going to be held in-person.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Video conferencing solutions reduce the costs and time taken to conduct meetings conventionally. With video conferencing, efficiency and productivity is increased as there is less human intervention in tasks such as initiating meetings, recording and sharing the proceedings and relevant documents simultaneously with all meeting participants. This leads to greater participation and involvement amongst team members.

Transformation to a digital workforce

More than just making meetings more productive, video conferencing solutions lay the groundwork for today's digital workforce. As a result of the increased accessibility afforded by video conferencing, worldwide collaboration and decision-making are facilitated more quickly, which allow for further flexibility and creativity.

Logitech video conferencing solutions

Logitech conference room solutions include equipment for smoothly conducting group meetings worldwide by involving everyone in the room rather than only focusing on one person at a time. The solutions feature some of the best video conference cameras that offer wide-angle lenses to cover the entire table or a small room.

Some Logitech video conferencing solutions come in the form of all-in-one video bars, which provide excellent quality and are considered to be some of the best video conference cameras for large rooms. These solutions don’t require additional software to function and support all video conferencing applications for a seamless experience.

Newcom's offerings

Newcom, a leading video conferencing distributor in the Middle East, has partnered with Logitech to provide the best video conference cameras and video conferencing equipment to businesses and organizations. These solutions offer a variety of benefits and come with many features to make conducting video conference calls more seamless. Contact us to know more.