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Logitech S120 Black Mini-Stereo Speaker with Slim Lightweight Design 980-000010

This slim speaker design offers easy setup via any 3.5 mm input and access to all controls on the right speaker.…

Logitech S150 Digital USB Audio System – Black – 980-000029

CLEAR STEREO MADE SIMPLE This slim, lightweight speaker design offers simple controls and an easy setup for a convenient listening experience. Compact, moveable speakers let…

Logitech X50 Green Bluetooth Speaker 980-001076

Logitech X50 Bluetooth green Speakers 980-001076 with 30 feet of wireless freedom, Experience loud and exceptionally clear sound, 750 mAh battery capacity…

Logitech Z130 Black Stereo Speakers with Easy Convenient Controls 980-000418

Logitech Speakers Z130 delivers clear sound and provides extra bass to your audio experience. It offers Easily access power, volume, and headphone jack on the…

Logitech Z130 Black Stereo Speakers with Easy Convenient Controls UK Plug 980-000419

Logitech Z130 PC Speakers 980-000419 features Full Stereo Sound, Strong Bass, 10 Watts Peak Power, 3.5mm Audio Input, Headphone Jack, Volume Controls…

Logitech Z150 Midnight Balck Compact Stereo Speakers with Headphone Jack UK 980-000816

Logitech Z150 stereo speakers 980-000816 delivers clear stereo sound from the dual 2” driver design with easy access power, volume, headphone jack, and auxiliary jack…

Logitech Z200 Midnight Black Stereo Multimedia Speakers with Tone Control UK 980-000812

Logitech Speaker Z200 Multimedia 980-000812 features rich stereo sound, adjustable bass, simple controls, 3.5m aux inputs, a headphone jack, a dedicated power supply…

Logitech Z200 Stereo Multimedia Speakers with Bass Tone Control

Enrich your music and movie experience with room-filling sound and adjustable bass. Simple controls allow you to access everything on the right speaker.…

Logitech Z313 Black Computer Speaker System with Subwoofer 980-000447

This 2.1 speaker system delivers balanced acoustics and provides enhanced bass from a compact subwoofer. Connect any device via the 3.5 mm input and easily…

Logitech Z333 2.1 Multi-Media Speaker System – BLACK – 980-001201

This 80 Watts Peak/40 Watts RMS power 2.1 speaker system delivers maximum loudness and produces rich bass from the front-facing subwoofer…

Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers with Subwoofer and Wireless Control 980-001348

80 watts of power joins precise digital signal processing (DSP) to deliver immersive, lifelike sound. Hear the crisp high notes, the powerful mid and low…

Logitech Z533 2.1 Black Speaker System with Subwoofer 980-001055

Logitech Z533 Multimedia Speaker System 2.1 speaker system, integrated control pod, and multiple hookups for up to three devices deliver powerful sound and full bass…

Speaker Distributors

Speakers are one of the most frequent output devices that connect to a computer to create sound. Various electronic gadgets, such as stereo receivers or a computer, provide analog or digital audio signals to a set of speakers. The analog speakers amplify the electromagnetic waves from the amplifier into audible sound.

Speakers come in wired and wireless forms, with some even featuring stereo speakers for a more immersive audio experience. The best wireless speakers come in multiple sizes and colors to match your needs and computer setup.

Different types of speakers

USB speakers

USB speakers can be used by being plugged straight into a computer's USB port without requiring a sound card. When using a USB sound system, the raw digital audio signals are sent from the computer through the USB port to the speakers, where they are transformed into analog sound. USB or computer speakers, like many other USB peripherals, are plug-and-play or automatically recognized by a computer as an external USB audio output device.

Bluetooth speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers receive audio signals from a device using radio frequency (RF) waves rather than audio wires. Over the past several years, Bluetooth speakers have gone from a niche product to an industry standard. The best Bluetooth speakers allow you to play high-quality audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices through a standard speaker setup. They are completely wire-free to enhance the ease and comfort of music listening on the go.

The convenience of Bluetooth technology is evident in Bluetooth speakers. These portable speakers are available in various shapes and sizes, from rectangles to cylinders. To play music, however, a Bluetooth speaker must be associated with another Bluetooth media-playing device.

Stereo speakers

A stereo speaker system consists of two separate speakers, one for each side, to provide a multichannel, surround-sound experience. This capacity is inherent in each pair of speakers, albeit in some more so than others. Typically, a stereo system will include one larger speaker (the "mono" speaker) and one smaller speaker (the "stereo" speaker) to assist in projecting sound to areas of the room that the larger speaker cannot.

The two channels work together to provide a spatial stereo effect, which gives the impression of greater depth and space and helps to establish a sense of separation between on-screen characters and the music or dialogue they're performing.

Newcom's offerings

Newcom, one of the leading speakers distributors in the Middle East, has partnered with Rapoo and Logitech to provide best-selling speakers in various styles and types. Newcom offers a wide range of USB, Bluetooth, and stereo speakers.Contact us to know more.