Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive Flat Panels

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Hikvision 4K Interactive Flat Panel With Camera and Microphone array

Hikvision 4K Interactive Flat Panel With Camera, Microphone array, 20px ultra-fine writing, Looping-out display…

Hikvision DS-D5A65RB/B 65-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display

Hikvision DS-D5A65RB/B is a 65-inch LED backlight 4K Interactive Flat display with 20 multi-touchpoint, Built-in 100 Mbps NIC, supporting routing…

Hikvision DS-D5A75RB/B 75-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display

Hikvision DS-D5A75RB/B is a 75-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display with a resolution of 3840 × 2160, 60Hz refresh rate, 32GB Built-In memory.…

Hikvision DS-D5A86RB/B 86-inch 4K Interactive Display

Hikvision DS-D5A86RB/A a 86" 4K Display Smart Interactive display with 4K display, and Ultrathin aluminum profile frame design.…

Hikvision DS-D5ABH – Standing Bracket

HIKVISION DS-D5ABH Interactive Screen Movable Floor-Standing Bracket with the coordinated platform and 360°turning wheel, a perfect fit for office, meeting room, preparing room, presentation, schooling…

Hikvision DS-D5B55RB/A 55-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display

Hikvision DS-D5B55RB/A is a 55-inch LED Backlight 4K Interactive Flat Display with 6 ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate, and 32GB built-in memory…

Hikvision Mounting DS-D5ABL

DS-D5ABL adopts a cold-rolled sheet with an integrated pedestal and 360 ° turning wheel, supports height adjustment in different scenes, perfect fit for office, meeting…

Hikvision Wall-mounted Bracket – DS-D5AW/Q

Hikvision DS-D5AW/Q is a wall-mounted Bracket made with SPCC for Interactive flat Displays of a minimum screen size of 65" and maximum size of 85"…

Samsung Flip 2 LH85WMRWBGCXUE 85” Interactive Display WMR Series

Samsung LH85WMRWBGCXUE Flip 2 85" WMR Series with Multi writing for up to 20 on larger sized display, write on any background…

Samsung LH55WMRWBGCXUE Flip 2 WM55R – 55” Interactive Display

Samsung Flip can be used for a wide range of business applications, providing embedded versatile templates. You can use the Flip as a calendar, scheduler,…

Samsung LH65WMRWBGCXUE Flip 2 WM65R – 65” Interactive Display

Samsung LH65WMRWBGCXUE Flip 2 is a 65-inch Interactive flat display with Brush mode notation, flexible image editing, multiple connectivity options…

Samsung LH85WMRWLGCXUE 85″ UHD 4K Interactive Display Screen

Samsung LH85WMRWLGCXUE 85" UHD 4K Interactive Display Screen Brush mode notation, Pen mode notation, Flexible image editing…

Interactive Flat Panel Distributors

Interactive flat panel displays (IFPs), are large touchscreen displays well-suited to conference rooms and other group settings. It's a substitute for bulky, old-school projectors and offers a superior viewing experience, improved connection, and preinstalled software. These products are ideal for professional development and academic progress. In addition, an IFP display offers superior picture quality, preloaded applications, and much more.

Use of interactive panels

IFPs prioritize collaboration (including remote collaboration) as their primary function. They are often used in collaborative settings such as meeting rooms, classrooms, and other video conferencing environments.

Meeting rooms

Interactive displays for business feature built-in video conferencing software and web browsers that helps in the instant initiation of video as well as face-to-face meetings. These devices help in creating a smooth presentation experience thanks to their user-friendly interface, high-resolution display, and other smart video conferencing features.

IFPs support multiple presenters who can share their respective documents simultaneously through wireless screen mirroring, QR code sharing, and remote content sharing, which results in improved collaboration.


Interactive screens for classrooms enhance teaching with their collaborative and productive features, such as built-in Microsoft Office and video recording. Teachers use these touch screen whiteboards as a tool to educate students using multimedia content, and all lectures can be readily recorded or shared through cloud storage. Using IFPs, teachers can index curricular materials according to the subjects they teach and easily share materials.

Combined with video conferencing solutions

IFPs offer unique features that help enhance video conferencing experiences. These interactive touch screen monitors enhance interactivity and productivity during video conferences, allowing you to directly connect a camera and microphone to conduct a call.

IFPs allow wireless screen sharing and split screen functionalities on the large touchscreen display, enhancing engagement and participation from everyone in the meeting with less downtime due to distractions. The high resolution of IFPs enhances the viewing experience, making video conferences more engaging.

Benefits of interactive flat panels

Simplicity of use

IFPs are simple plug-and-play and don’t require proper training. They feature a user-friendly interface for simple and smooth conduction of meetings.

Attention-grabbing presentations

Presentations on IFPs are more attractive, informative, and easily understood because of the intuitive design and built-in interactive suite. These interactive suites help users create such presentations with various tools.

Seamless meeting experiences

IFPs help organize and control the flow of discussion. A presenter may simply handle data from local storage or the internet and disseminate it methodically to the other attendees in a call or meeting with the help of the tools made available to them.

Increased participation

IFPs promote sharing ideas and material by encouraging engagement and brainstorming among remote and in-person attendees. The participants can simply put up their queries or add valuable points during meetings using these IFPs, which are visible to all participants simultaneously. Additionally, the interactive suites available in IFPs further help provide engaging insights during meetings, resulting in increased attention and involvement.

Customizable smart specifications

IFPs are available in various sizes and resolutions depending on the size of your conference room. They support up to 4K resolution with some IFPs featuring HDR10 capabilities. They provide pen-to-paper writing experience with support for multiple people writing simultaneously.

Hikvision interactive displays

Hikvision's interactive displays come with ultra-4K resolution, precise on-screen writing, built-in whiteboard software, wireless screen projection, and multi-functional solutions that are ideal for a wide range of work and teaching applications. These interactive digital signages range from 55 to 86 inches in size and have 4K resolution for interactive work sessions.

Hikvision interactive displays feature optical bonding, which helps reduce reflection and ghosting to enhance the writing experience. The UI is user-friendly, with smart features such as a split display and one-touch switching between Windows and Android for multi-tasking purposes.

Samsung flip interactive displays

Samsung flip interactive displays are spec-heavy digital signages that provide smooth writing and drawing experiences. They provide a multi-writing feature that helps in smooth collaboration with up to four people writing simultaneously on it. You can also edit documents for free, as these interactive displays support various smart editing tools.

To maximize productivity, Samsung interactive displays support multiple documents, devices, and cloud services for a creative and connected experience. These IFPs are widely used in educational institutions, auditoriums, meeting rooms, and retail stores.

Newcom's offerings

Newcom, one of the leading IFP distributors in the Middle East, boasts a range of IFPs from brands such as Samsung and Hikvision. These IFPs offer a wide range of features and benefits for large and small organizations alike and can be used in the education, public, private, and retail sectors. Contact usM to know more.