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Logitech Sight 960-001510

The Logitech Sight is a superior webcam for professional video conferencing and even content creation. It boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution, advanced AI-powered camera optics,…

Rapoo CM600/CM600 EX Omnidirectional SpeakerPhone

Rapoo CM600/CM600 EX Omnidirectional SpeakerPhone with 5-8M 360 degrees pickup radios, Full-Duplex Communication and much more…

Lindy USB 2.0 Mini Hub 4 Port 42742

Lindy 42742 is a 4-Port USB 2.0 Mini Hub that allows the user to connect 4 additional peripherals to a USB Type-A equipped computer.…

Lindy 4K HDMI and USB Over IP Extender, Receiver 38267

Lindy 38267 is a 4K Over IP Extender system allows users to extend a 4K video source such as a PC or PVR through a…

Lindy 4 PORT HDMI 2.0 18G Splitter 38236

Lindy 38223 is a 4 Port HDMI 18G Splitter is a compact, high quality solution for distributing HDMI 2.0 18G signals across multiple displays from…

Lindy 70M CAT.6 HDMI 4K30 Extender 38208

Cat.6 extenders allow for cost-effective, reliable extension of audio or video signals over longer distances that are not possible with passive cable or active repeater…

Lindy HDMI 4K Audio Extractor with Bypass 38167

Lindy 38167 is an HDMI Audio Extractor is an effective solution for extracting audio from a HDMI source to both digital and analogue audio devices,…

Lindy 38159 HDMI 4K Splitter 4 PORT 3D, 2160P30

Lindy 38159 Connect and split a single HDMI source across 4 4K displays…

Lindy Wall Plate VGA/HDMI/USB/3.5MM Stereo 60220

The Lindy Multi AV Faceplate is a ready to use single gang wall plate with 10cm trailing leads.…

Lindy HDMI 2.0 EDID Emulator 32115

The Lindy HDMI 2.0 EDID Emulator Adapter is designed for systems that require EDID signals to be continuously provided without interruption and helps overcome EDID-related…

Lindy 4X2 HDMI 2.0 18G Matrix Switch 38084

Lindy 38084 Switches between 4 HDMI source devices and 2 HDMI displays connected simultaneously…

Lindy Converter HDMI TO DisplayPort 4K 38146

Lindy 38146 Converts an HDMI input into a DisplayPort signal…

Business Solution

Business Solution is a blanket term that covers the IT, cyber security, and other services provided to small and large businesses for their smooth functioning. Vendors such as value-added resellers (VAS) and value-added distributors (VAD)-- provide these business solutions after learning about the client's existing setup, assessing the client's requirements, and recommending the appropriate hardware and software to accomplish the project's desired results. IT Business Solutions often revolve around two types of services: Audiovisual and Cyber Security.


Audiovisual setups are important to businesses with audio-video features at the forefront. Audio-video (AV) systems enable audio and video content emission in various settings, from conference meetings to classroom lectures. Automation and artificial intelligence algorithms are regularly employed in constructing AV systems. Newcom offers a variety of audio-video products , including conference cameras, monitors, microphones, headphones, and audio-visual cables and connectors. The scope of support for such AV Services often includes all-in-one solutions and after-sale support.

Cyber security

Cyber Security Solutions (CSS) is a collection of technologies designed to defend businesses against cyber attacks, application outages, data theft, reputational harm, and regulatory fines. Cyber security for businesses is mostly based on endpoint solutions, which analyze security events while safeguarding devices against malicious programs. Such solutions allow administrators to control all devices for threat investigation and remediation, enabling quicker action against security issues. Endpoint Security is a comprehensive cyber security solution that protects end-user devices (desktops, laptops, etc.) and endpoints on a network/cloud from cybersecurity threats. These are advanced enough to provide strong protection against even cutting-edge malware.

Interactive flat panels

When it comes to holding meetings and brainstorming sessions, interactive flat panel (IFP) displays are one of the few technologies that have seen widespread adoption in offices and classrooms. Installing an IFP will provide numerous positive outcomes:
  • Simplicity: Any meeting or presentation may benefit from an interactive flat panel. These displays don't require proper training as they are simple to use. In addition, interactive displays communicate information more effectively using various available media methods so that everyone in the room or virtual participants can see what is being presented just by mirroring contents from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop onto the panel.
  • Attention-grabbing presentations: Presentations on IFPs are more interesting, informative, and easily understood because of the intuitive design and built-in interactive suite.
  • Seamless meeting experiences: IFPs help organize and control the flow of discussion. A presenter may simply handle data from local storage or the internet and disseminate it methodically to the other attendees in a call or meeting with the help of the tools made available to them.
  • Increased participation: Even when team members are geographically dispersed, IFPs promote sharing ideas and material by encouraging engagement and brainstorming among remote and in-person attendees.
Interactive flat panels are available in various sizes and resolutions depending on the size of your conference room. They support up to 4K resolution with some IFPs featuring HDR10 capabilities. They provide pen-to-paper writing experience with support for multiple people writing simultaneously. Additionally, support for sharing through QR codes is also available.

Video conferencing solutions

Video conferencing solutions include equipment and services for smoothly conducting group meetings worldwide by involving everyone in the room rather than only focusing on one person at a time. These solutions feature smart cameras and microphones, with some featuring wide-angle/360-degree lenses to cover the entire table. These USB plug-and-play cameras also feature long-range mics and high-resolution video recordings to support high-quality audio and video, even in low-light, noisy conditions. Some video conferencing solutions come in the form of all-in-one video bars that provide great quality and ease of connectivity. They don't require additional software to function and support all video conferencing applications for a seamless experience. All-in-one conferencing solutions support resolutions of up to 4K and typically provide a speaker suspension system to eliminate vibration-induced camera shakes and audio interference during video conferences.

Video conferencing accessories

Video conferencing accessories include mic pod hubs, mounting kits, and extension cables to facilitate an all-around premium and efficient video conferencing experience. Mic pod hubs help adjust the microphone's position on the table to suit the client's needs. Instead of connecting mic pods in a daisy chain, you may connect any number of mic pods to the hub through its multiple available connectors. In addition, they provide a clutter-free workspace using the under-table mounting kit to hide cords. Mounting kits provide conference cameras and speaker systems brackets, which you can use to position your hubs on the wall or under the table with a ventilated casing. These kits promote a professional conference room layout for a tidy work experience. Extension cables allow for simple adjustments to the layout of your meeting space to offer further flexibility in terms of hardware positioning and setup. For example, you can extend the camera or speakerphone to place it far from the hub according to your needs. Newcom, a leading video conferencing distributor in the Middle East, provides video conferencing equipment and accessories for small, medium, and large businesses. It has partnered with leading brands such as Samsung, Logitech, Hikvision, Targus, and Lindy to provide the latest video conferencing equipment and solutions.


A business solution refers to the implementation of technologies such as Interactive flat displays and video conferencing solutions provided by companies like Newcom Computer Systems, to enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity within an organization, improving overall business operations and efficiency.
The purpose of a business solution is to facilitate effective collaboration, communication, and productivity within an organization. Newcom Computer Systems offers business solutions that include Hikvision Interactive flat display and Logitech video conferencing solutions.
Hikvision Interactive flat panels and Logitech video conferencing offer significant benefits for a company. Interactive flat panels enable engaging presentations, real-time collaboration, and seamless content sharing. Best Video conferencing Solutionsenhances remote communication, enables virtual meetings, and facilitates effective collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.


Best Gaming Monitor: Samsung Odyssey Ark, using this 4K 55” curved gaming monitor with 165Hz variable refresh rate almost feels like putting on a VR headset due to it’s immersive viewing experience. You can even put it in “cockpit mode” (vertically) to experience a whole different kind of immersion!

Best Smart Monitors: Samsung M8 monitor is a stylish 32” 4K smart monitor that is a fantastic choice for people who want to have a standalone entertainment hub and a productivity focused monitor in the same package, with different color options available.

Best UHD Monitor: Samsung LS32B800P is a professional 32″ 4K UHD monitor. It is a “professional” monitor because of its 100% sRGB color-space coverage. It also supports one of the higher standards of HDR among most monitors: HDR 600.

Put simply, a monitor is the window into your workflow or your game; that’s the bare minimum. But it certainly helps if the window is clear, has good contrast and is HDR-enabled!

With that said, the monitor is often the bottleneck for how clear, pretty, fast, and accurate the image, webpage, document or the game you want to play loo-ks. So, you need to pay close attention to what monitor you are buying

Increased Productivity

A monitor’s benefits to productivity stem from its ability to facilitate multitasking, extend the workspace, improve workflow, and provide a customizable, ergonomic experience behind the desk.

Uses in Gaming and Professional Life

Whether used for gaming or for productivity tasks, monitors cater to specific needs, offering enhanced gaming experiences and supporting professionals in design, photography, video editing, and presentation. 

Certain features and technologies can help reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience. Two monitors known for their eye-friendly qualities are curved, and Eye Care monitors.

Curved Monitors

Curved monitors mimic the curvature of the human eye. This can improve the viewing experience by reducing distortion around the edges. They also reduce eye strain because users can concentrate more on the middle of the screen.

BenQ Eye Care Monitor

BenQ is known for its Eye Care monitors, which incorporate various technologies to minimize eye strain. BenQ monitor distributors suggest EW3270U, which includes technologies like B.I.+, Low Blue Light, and Flicker-Free to minimize eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing environment. 

Monitor technologies constantly evolve. To improve the monitor’s performance, the latest technologies in monitors include:

Samsung’s Viewfinity monitors (S6, S8, S9)

Samsung’s Viewfinity monitors offer increased functionality and high resolutions to create efficient workflows.

BenQ Eye Care

BenQ’s Eye Care monitors aim to reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

BenQ DyAc

BenQ DyAc is a technology designed exclusively for gaming monitors to reduce motion blur and ghosting effects and provide a clearer and smoother gaming experience.


Smart home devices are part of the Internet of Things technology. Smart home products like Tapo smart devices or TP-Link smart home devices are designed to make quality-of-life improvements to everyday tasks. Smart home solutions include various interconnected devices to create a smart living environment. The devices include but are not limited to: voice-controlled speakers, smart lighting, cameras, thermostats, and locks.

There are numerous benefits that smart homes can offer, two of the significant ones  being increased security and energy saving.

Increased Security

The enhanced security that a smart home offers is arguably its most important added value. Smart locks, doorbell cameras, and security cameras can be integrated to enhance home security through remote real-time monitoring.

Energy saving

Smart homes are typically much better at being energy efficient. They reduce energy consumption through peripherals designed to do just that. Smart thermostats and lighting systems help reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency.

Also, with the help of the app that all smart home devices are connected to, you will never need to think twice if you have turned off the lights when you left the house, you can just check it on your phone and turn it off if you forgot to.

By adopting these smart energy-saving features, homeowners can save on utility costs and contribute to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Smart cameras, motion sensors, plugs and lights are some of the most used smart home devices in the market. Let’s take a quick look at what each of them offer.

Security cameras provide real-time and remote monitoring; they are must-have smart home devices, crucial for enhancing home security. They are used for memory capturing, warning off intruders or recording them as evidence in case they are not warned off, along with many other uses.Smart home motion sensor is designed to detect motion within their range and trigger specific actions like turning on lights or sounding an alarm. They are vital in home automation and security systems.

Smart plugs convert regular appliances into smart devices. Plugging into outlets allows users to control their devices remotely.

Smart lighting systems let users customize and control their lighting remotely. It increases energy efficiency while bringing about extra convenience. You can even use smart lights to fend off intruders while you are away as a security measure.

Essentially, the difference is a matter of semantics; one of the ways you can automate your home is using smart home devices. For example, using a motion sensor, your house can automatically turn on/off all or certain lights depending on whether it detects you are entering the house or exiting the house. The automation process can get more sophisticated if you also control the lights based on a schedule, so that no light will be turned on until after dark when you enter your home. This is an example of how home automation works using certain smart home devices. 

Essentially, home automation involves the implementation of smart home devices.