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Interactive Flat Panels

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Hikvision 4K Interactive Flat Panel With Camera and Microphone array

Hikvision 4K Interactive Flat Panel With Camera, Microphone array, 20px ultra-fine writing, Looping-out display…

Hikvision DS-65VA300L Wireless Microphone

Hikvision DS-65VA300L is a wireless microphone featuring 360-degree mic coverage, Dynamic Noise Reduction to improve your Video Conferencing experience…

Hikvision DS-D5A65RB/B 65-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display

Hikvision DS-D5A65RB/B is a 65-inch LED backlight 4K Interactive Flat display with 20 multi-touchpoint, Built-in 100 Mbps NIC, supporting routing…

Hikvision DS-D5A75RB/B 75-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display

Hikvision DS-D5A75RB/B is a 75-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display with a resolution of 3840 × 2160, 60Hz refresh rate, 32GB Built-In memory.…

Hikvision DS-D5A86RB/B 86-inch 4K Interactive Display

Hikvision DS-D5A86RB/A a 86" 4K Display Smart Interactive display with 4K display, and Ultrathin aluminum profile frame design.…

Hikvision DS-D5ABH – Standing Bracket

HIKVISION DS-D5ABH Interactive Screen Movable Floor-Standing Bracket with the coordinated platform and 360°turning wheel, a perfect fit for office, meeting room, preparing room, presentation, schooling…

Hikvision DS-D5B55RB/A 55-inch 4K Interactive Flat Display

Hikvision DS-D5B55RB/A is a 55-inch LED Backlight 4K Interactive Flat Display with 6 ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate, and 32GB built-in memory…

Hikvision Mounting DS-D5ABL

DS-D5ABL adopts a cold-rolled sheet with an integrated pedestal and 360 ° turning wheel, supports height adjustment in different scenes, perfect fit for office, meeting…

Hikvision Wall-mounted Bracket – DS-D5AW/Q

Hikvision DS-D5AW/Q is a wall-mounted Bracket made with SPCC for Interactive flat Displays of a minimum screen size of 65" and maximum size of 85"…

Lindy 38159 HDMI 4K Splitter 4 PORT 3D, 2160P30

Lindy 38159 Connect and split a single HDMI source across 4 4K displays…

Lindy 4 PORT HDMI 2.0 18G Splitter

Lindy 38223 is a 4 Port HDMI 18G Splitter is a compact, high quality solution for distributing HDMI 2.0 18G signals across multiple displays from…

Lindy 4K HDMI and USB Over IP Extender, Receiver

Lindy 38267 is a 4K Over IP Extender system allows users to extend a 4K video source such as a PC or PVR through a…

Business Solution

Business Solution is a blanket term that covers the IT, cyber security, and other services provided to small and large businesses for their smooth functioning. Vendors such as value-added resellers (VAS) and value-added distributors (VAD)-- provide these business solutions after learning about the client's existing setup, assessing the client's requirements, and recommending the appropriate hardware and software to accomplish the project's desired results.

IT Business Solutions often revolve around two types of services: Audiovisual and Cyber Security.


Audiovisual setups are important to businesses with audio-video features at the forefront. Audio-video (AV) systems enable audio and video content emission in various settings, from conference meetings to classroom lectures. Automation and artificial intelligence algorithms are regularly employed in constructing AV systems.

Newcom offers a variety of audio-video products , including conference cameras, monitors, microphones, headphones, and audio-visual cables and connectors. The scope of support for such AV Services often includes all-in-one solutions and after-sale support.

Cyber security

Cyber Security Solutions (CSS) is a collection of technologies designed to defend businesses against cyber attacks, application outages, data theft, reputational harm, and regulatory fines.

Cyber security for businesses is mostly based on endpoint solutions, which analyze security events while safeguarding devices against malicious programs. Such solutions allow administrators to control all devices for threat investigation and remediation, enabling quicker action against security issues. Endpoint Security is a comprehensive cyber security solution that protects end-user devices (desktops, laptops, etc.) and endpoints on a network/cloud from cybersecurity threats. These are advanced enough to provide strong protection against even cutting-edge malware.

Interactive flat panels

When it comes to holding meetings and brainstorming sessions, interactive flat panel (IFP) displays are one of the few technologies that have seen widespread adoption in offices and classrooms. Installing an IFP will provide numerous positive outcomes:

  • Simplicity: Any meeting or presentation may benefit from an interactive flat panel. These displays don't require proper training as they are simple to use. In addition, interactive displays communicate information more effectively using various available media methods so that everyone in the room or virtual participants can see what is being presented just by mirroring contents from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop onto the panel.
  • Attention-grabbing presentations: Presentations on IFPs are more interesting, informative, and easily understood because of the intuitive design and built-in interactive suite.
  • Seamless meeting experiences: IFPs help organize and control the flow of discussion. A presenter may simply handle data from local storage or the internet and disseminate it methodically to the other attendees in a call or meeting with the help of the tools made available to them.
  • Increased participation: Even when team members are geographically dispersed, IFPs promote sharing ideas and material by encouraging engagement and brainstorming among remote and in-person attendees.

Interactive flat panels are available in various sizes and resolutions depending on the size of your conference room. They support up to 4K resolution with some IFPs featuring HDR10 capabilities. They provide pen-to-paper writing experience with support for multiple people writing simultaneously. Additionally, support for sharing through QR codes is also available.

Video conferencing solutions

Video conferencing solutions include equipment and services for smoothly conducting group meetings worldwide by involving everyone in the room rather than only focusing on one person at a time.

These solutions feature smart cameras and microphones, with some featuring wide-angle/360-degree lenses to cover the entire table. These USB plug-and-play cameras also feature long-range mics and high-resolution video recordings to support high-quality audio and video, even in low-light, noisy conditions.

Some video conferencing solutions come in the form of all-in-one video bars that provide great quality and ease of connectivity. They don't require additional software to function and support all video conferencing applications for a seamless experience.

All-in-one conferencing solutions support resolutions of up to 4K and typically provide a speaker suspension system to eliminate vibration-induced camera shakes and audio interference during video conferences.

Video conferencing accessories

Video conferencing accessories include mic pod hubs, mounting kits, and extension cables to facilitate an all-around premium and efficient video conferencing experience.

Mic pod hubs help adjust the microphone's position on the table to suit the client's needs. Instead of connecting mic pods in a daisy chain, you may connect any number of mic pods to the hub through its multiple available connectors. In addition, they provide a clutter-free workspace using the under-table mounting kit to hide cords.

Mounting kits provide conference cameras and speaker systems brackets, which you can use to position your hubs on the wall or under the table with a ventilated casing. These kits promote a professional conference room layout for a tidy work experience.

Extension cables allow for simple adjustments to the layout of your meeting space to offer further flexibility in terms of hardware positioning and setup. For example, you can extend the camera or speakerphone to place it far from the hub according to your needs.

Newcom, a leading video conferencing distributor in the Middle East, provides video conferencing equipment and accessories for small, medium, and large businesses. It has partnered with leading brands such as Samsung, Logitech, Hikvision, Targus, and Lindy to provide the latest video conferencing equipment and solutions.