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Targus AWH025GL-50 Spy Guard Webcam Cover – 3 Pack

Protect yourself with three Targus AWH025GL-50 Spy Guard Webcam Covers.…

Targus TBB943GL-70 15-16” Modern Classic Backpack

Tech enthusiasts have a tendency to have a lot of dedicated devices. This mindset makes them have to bring a lot more devices wherever they…

Targus TSB966GL-70 15.6″ Intellect Essentials Backpack

You have a chance to start a journey around the world, but there is not enough space to take all your stuff, but Targus TSB966GL-70…

Targus AMM174AMGL-50 Antimicrobial Active Stylus for iPad

To get the most out of your iPad, you would need to use a quality stylus with it.With the Targus Antimicrobial Active Stylus for iPad,…

Targus ACA47GLZ-80 USB-C Multiplexer Adapter

Transform your Targus-powered docks into USB-C-friendly devices with the Targus USB-C Multiplexer Adapter.…

Logitech 910-006929/ 910-006930 MX Anywhere 3S

$59.00 $95.00
Meet the Logitech MX Anywhere 3S - a powerhouse of innovation and versatility. Designed to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle, it combines cutting-edge technology…

Logitech Brio 300 Graphite : 960-001436, Off-white : 960-001442, Rose : 960-001448

$25.00 $95.00
The Brio 300 is Logitech’s default webcam for most office or home office spaces. It is a stylish 1080p webcam with auto light correction that…

Targus ASP96GL-S Defcon Ultimate Universal Serialised Combination Cable Lock with Adaptable Lock Head

Targus ASP96GL-S Defcon Ultimate Universal Serialised Combination Cable Lock with Adaptable Lock Head is the ideal security companion because the locks are easy-to-use and easy…

Targus ASP95GL Defcon Ultimate Universal Keyed Cable Lock with Adaptable Lock Head

Targus ASP95GL Defcon Ultimate Universal Keyed Cable Lock with Adaptable Lock Head fits most common lock slots to secure and protect virtually any laptop, docking…

Targus ASM16MBPGL Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro 16” (2021) – Landscape

Targus ASM16MBPGL Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro 16” (2021) - Landscape blocks sensitive data from prying eyes…

Targus ASM14MBPGL Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro 14” (2021) – Landscape

Targus ASM14MBPGL Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook Pro 14” (2021) - Landscape blocks sensitive data from prying eyes…

Targus ASM136MBAGL Magnetic Privacy Screen for M2 MacBook Air 13.6- inch (2022)

Keep your business your business with a Targus ASM136MBAGL Magnetic Privacy Screen for the 2022 13.6-inch M2 MacBook Air…

Computer Accessories Distributor

Accessories can make working on computers more convenient, especially during long hours spent crouched over a screen. Computer accessories, such as keyboards, mice, headsets, cases, digital pencils, webcams, and speakers, not only ease your work but also make your overall computing experience more enjoyable. We have listed down multiple categories of computer accessories from leading brands like Logitech, Targus, J5create, Rapoo, HP, Hikvision, and Samsung for your reference.


The keyboard is an integral part of any computing setup because it helps users type information and send instructions to computers. Today’s keyboards come with many additional offerings, thanks to technological advancements. They feature wireless connection, spill-resistant design, and anti-oxidation sealed membranes. Keyboards with multi-connection features are the best choice for those with multi-tasking as their priority. Although today's wired keyboards come with plenty of upgrades, users from the developer and content creator communities generally prefer wireless keyboards. Wireless keyboards are stand-alone units and come in full-size and tenkeyless formats, with features like backlight keys for smooth usage in the dark.


Using a mouse to perform tasks is a great time saver, especially if your job requires extensive web browsing, clicking, and page scrolling, something that a touchpad won't support easily. A mouse provides USB connectivity, smooth cursor control, and precise tracking for easy scrolling experience. It comes in both wired or wireless versions, and in different colors and ergonomic shapes for comfortable everyday computing. Wireless mice are more convenient and comfortable to use because of their lack of wires. They come with loads of features, such as auto pairing, dual-mode scrolling, and RGB lighting. Ergonomically designed mice help keep your wrists in their natural posture as you work so you won't have to twist your arms to operate them. These mice come in exciting colors to match the aesthetics of your workplace or personal settings.

Keyboard and mouse combo

As a keyboard and mouse are both essential accessories for the smooth functioning of any computer, many manufacturers today provide a keyboard-mouse combo , which provide certain advantages over buying a keyboard and mouse separately. For instance, unlike a separate keyboard and a mouse, the combo comes with one Bluetooth adapter so you won’t have to engage two USB ports for both products. Long hours of computer usage often results in complaints about wrist pain. Keyboard and mouse combo sets are typically identically ergonomic, reducing the fatigue from operating two distinctly designed peripherals. Moreover, keyboard and mouse combos often provide aesthetic uniformity for personal and professional settings, which is not the case when buying them separately.


Computer speakers are a common type of audio output device. They receive audio from the computer's sound card and emit audio waves out. Speakers often come in pairs because they use two independent audio channels to provide a more immersive stereo effect. If you want to get the most out of your computer setup, it is highly recommended to purchase a high-quality speaker system with surround sound. These days, you can obtain speakers of excellent quality in a wide price range and from various manufacturers. The speakers come with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, with some even featuring stereo speakers for a more immersive audio experience. Moreover, you can choose from a range of speaker sizes and colors to match your needs and computer setup.


Adapters are hardware components that enable the connection of two or more otherwise incompatible devices to exchange data. An adapter modifies input to make it work with other parts of a system. There are different types of adapters, such as a DisplayPort to VGA adapter, which connects a MAC or a PC to an external monitor, HDTV, or projector through a VGA input. Other popular adapters include USB-C to HDMI, USB-C multiport adapters, world plug travel adapters, and USB multi-port display adapters. Some leading adapter brands, such as Targus, j5Create, Lindy, and HP provide high-quality adapters catering to all your needs.


Webcams are small cameras that connect to a computer and record high-definition videos and offer a built-in microphone for clear audio. External webcams have added advantages over embedded/built-in webcams, since the latter are limited in quality and performance due to their components' size. Because of their larger body, external webcams often offer higher quality components, including improved resolution, speed, fluidity, color balance, and noise reduction. Unlike built-in webcams, you can easily connect external webcams to a set of different devices.


USB (universal serial bus) hubs are external devices that act as an extension for your computer or laptop's USB ports. Hubs allow for a single USB port to turn into two, four, or even ten additional ports. USB hubs may be divided into two distinct categories. The first is unpowered USB hubs that connect via wire to a laptop or computer hard drive, relying on the battery to charge any items connected. The second is powered USB hubs with an adapter that have the capacity to charge a variety of devices. Both categories are capable of transferring data.

Privacy screens

A laptop privacy screen , also known as a privacy filter, is a thin sheet of plastic that covers your screen to prevent prying eyes from viewing private information. They prevent a critical security risk, known as "visual hacking," by limiting the viewing angle of the display, ensuring that only the user in front of the screen can see what is being displayed.

Screen protector

A laptop screen protector is a transparent film made of plastic, fiber, or glass, and can be fixed on the laptop’s screen to protect it from scratches, impacts, and other damages. These protectors help keep your laptop’s display brand new without interfering with its functionality. In addition, they act as an anti-glare layer.

Presentation remote

A presentation remote is a handheld wireless device used to change slides in a presentation. Presenters can use either a clicker or thumb-scroll to progress or rewind through slides quickly. In addition, some presentation remotes feature laser pointers to highlight specific content during presentations.


Cables , sometimes called cords or connectors, are used to transmit power or transfer data between electronic devices. The two most common cables used in computers are power and data cables. A data cable allows electronic devices to transfer data among one another. Some examples are USB, SATA, CAT5, and IDE/EIDE cords. A power cable, on the other hand, is used to supply electricity to a device. Computer cables come in a wide variety, including power cord, ethernet, DVI, HDMI, PS/2, USB, and VGA cables.


A laptop bag is a cushioned case that shields your device from drops, scuffs, and other damages. These bags often come with separate compartments for other accessories. Laptop backpacks, smart backpacks, messenger bags, trolley bags, and slim bags are the five most common styles of laptop bags. Smart backpacks are similar to laptop backpacks in that they both feature a separate compartment for the laptop and pockets for accessories. However, smart backpacks have some extra features such as a USB port to charge your gadgets through a built-in power bank. While similar to laptop backpacks in function, messenger bags present a more put-together appearance. Nevertheless, some professionals prefer trolley bags as they feature small wheels for easy mobility. For those who like to travel light, slim bags are extremely light while still providing great protection for your devices.

Sleeves & hardshells

A laptop sleeve is a bag/pouch typically made from neoprene that is slightly bigger than the laptop and is meant to protect the device from shocks, scratches, water, and dust. They are an easy and compact alternative to carrying a bulkier bag when you only need to carry your laptop. A hardshell case is most appropriate when you want to save space while protecting your laptop. They come with different designs and patterns to make your laptop more visually attractive. Usually, hardshell cases are made for a particular size and model of laptop, with some offering a foam cushion interior lining for extra protection.

Digital pencils

A digital pencil, sometimes known as a stylus, is an input device used in combination with touchscreen devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and monitors. Many individuals prefer using digital pencils while taking notes and drawing pictures on a touchscreen device. Artists frequently use stylus pens when creating animations or other digital artwork on laptops or tablets. Using a digital pen on a touchscreen is similar to writing with a pencil and paper, except that your work will be preserved and shared digitally. Modern digital pencils have faster response times, so it more accurately mimics a traditional pencil or pen.

Video capture cards

A video capture station is a hardware that records or streams video and audio from a source, such as different gaming consoles like Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, that lacks the processing power to capture and stream games at the same time. For such devices, you'll need a capture card that plugs into the console's HDMI connection if you want to make recordings of your game. It is possible to record both the video and the sound of the source device with a single video capture station. The capture card can plug into the source device, while the PC records or live streams the content, making the entire set-up simple to operate.

Mouse pads

A mouse pad is a rectangular piece of flat fabric or plastic that improves the traction of and readability of mice. Mouse pads facilitate a more natural and comfortable mouse movement through additional features such as spill-proof coating and an anti-slip base made from recycled materials. The spill-proof coating helps withstand accidental liquid spillage, whereas the anti-slip base helps keep the mouse pad firmly on the surface for a smooth gliding experience.


A business solution refers to the implementation of technologies such as Interactive flat displays and video conferencing solutions provided by companies like Newcom Computer Systems, to enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity within an organization, improving overall business operations and efficiency.
The purpose of a business solution is to facilitate effective collaboration, communication, and productivity within an organization. Newcom Computer Systems offers business solutions that include Hikvision Interactive flat display and Logitech video conferencing solutions.
Hikvision Interactive flat panels and Logitech video conferencing offer significant benefits for a company. Interactive flat panels enable engaging presentations, real-time collaboration, and seamless content sharing. Best Video conferencing Solutionsenhances remote communication, enables virtual meetings, and facilitates effective collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.


Best Gaming Monitor: Samsung Odyssey Ark, using this 4K 55” curved gaming monitor with 165Hz variable refresh rate almost feels like putting on a VR headset due to it’s immersive viewing experience. You can even put it in “cockpit mode” (vertically) to experience a whole different kind of immersion!

Best Smart Monitors: Samsung M8 monitor is a stylish 32” 4K smart monitor that is a fantastic choice for people who want to have a standalone entertainment hub and a productivity focused monitor in the same package, with different color options available.

Best UHD Monitor: Samsung LS32B800P is a professional 32″ 4K UHD monitor. It is a “professional” monitor because of its 100% sRGB color-space coverage. It also supports one of the higher standards of HDR among most monitors: HDR 600.

Put simply, a monitor is the window into your workflow or your game; that’s the bare minimum. But it certainly helps if the window is clear, has good contrast and is HDR-enabled!

With that said, the monitor is often the bottleneck for how clear, pretty, fast, and accurate the image, webpage, document or the game you want to play loo-ks. So, you need to pay close attention to what monitor you are buying

Increased Productivity

A monitor’s benefits to productivity stem from its ability to facilitate multitasking, extend the workspace, improve workflow, and provide a customizable, ergonomic experience behind the desk.

Uses in Gaming and Professional Life

Whether used for gaming or for productivity tasks, monitors cater to specific needs, offering enhanced gaming experiences and supporting professionals in design, photography, video editing, and presentation. 

Certain features and technologies can help reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience. Two monitors known for their eye-friendly qualities are curved, and Eye Care monitors.

Curved Monitors

Curved monitors mimic the curvature of the human eye. This can improve the viewing experience by reducing distortion around the edges. They also reduce eye strain because users can concentrate more on the middle of the screen.

BenQ Eye Care Monitor

BenQ is known for its Eye Care monitors, which incorporate various technologies to minimize eye strain. BenQ monitor distributors suggest EW3270U, which includes technologies like B.I.+, Low Blue Light, and Flicker-Free to minimize eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing environment. 

Monitor technologies constantly evolve. To improve the monitor’s performance, the latest technologies in monitors include:

Samsung’s Viewfinity monitors (S6, S8, S9)

Samsung’s Viewfinity monitors offer increased functionality and high resolutions to create efficient workflows.

BenQ Eye Care

BenQ’s Eye Care monitors aim to reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

BenQ DyAc

BenQ DyAc is a technology designed exclusively for gaming monitors to reduce motion blur and ghosting effects and provide a clearer and smoother gaming experience.


Smart home devices are part of the Internet of Things technology. Smart home products like Tapo smart devices or TP-Link smart home devices are designed to make quality-of-life improvements to everyday tasks. Smart home solutions include various interconnected devices to create a smart living environment. The devices include but are not limited to: voice-controlled speakers, smart lighting, cameras, thermostats, and locks.

There are numerous benefits that smart homes can offer, two of the significant ones  being increased security and energy saving.

Increased Security

The enhanced security that a smart home offers is arguably its most important added value. Smart locks, doorbell cameras, and security cameras can be integrated to enhance home security through remote real-time monitoring.

Energy saving

Smart homes are typically much better at being energy efficient. They reduce energy consumption through peripherals designed to do just that. Smart thermostats and lighting systems help reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency.

Also, with the help of the app that all smart home devices are connected to, you will never need to think twice if you have turned off the lights when you left the house, you can just check it on your phone and turn it off if you forgot to.

By adopting these smart energy-saving features, homeowners can save on utility costs and contribute to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Smart cameras, motion sensors, plugs and lights are some of the most used smart home devices in the market. Let’s take a quick look at what each of them offer.

Security cameras provide real-time and remote monitoring; they are must-have smart home devices, crucial for enhancing home security. They are used for memory capturing, warning off intruders or recording them as evidence in case they are not warned off, along with many other uses.Smart home motion sensor is designed to detect motion within their range and trigger specific actions like turning on lights or sounding an alarm. They are vital in home automation and security systems.

Smart plugs convert regular appliances into smart devices. Plugging into outlets allows users to control their devices remotely.

Smart lighting systems let users customize and control their lighting remotely. It increases energy efficiency while bringing about extra convenience. You can even use smart lights to fend off intruders while you are away as a security measure.

Essentially, the difference is a matter of semantics; one of the ways you can automate your home is using smart home devices. For example, using a motion sensor, your house can automatically turn on/off all or certain lights depending on whether it detects you are entering the house or exiting the house. The automation process can get more sophisticated if you also control the lights based on a schedule, so that no light will be turned on until after dark when you enter your home. This is an example of how home automation works using certain smart home devices. 

Essentially, home automation involves the implementation of smart home devices.