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HP USB-C To Multi Dock

HP 38774 USB-C To Multi Dock Supports USB 3.1 Superspeed 5Gbps data transmission, USB-C pass-through charging up to max 20V@3A, SD cards…

j5create JCD324 Ultradrive Mini Dock for Surface™ Pro

j5Create JCD324 ULTRADRIVEMINIDOCK™ for Surface™ Pro 7 Designed to sit flush against the Surface™ Pro 7, Supports HDMI™ resolutions up to 4K…

j5create JCD375 USB-C™ Modular Multi-Adapter with 2 Kits

The JCD375 USB-C™ Modular Multi-Adapter provides extra connectivity for your USB-C® computer, featuring video, data storage and charging all in one. It includes two small…

j5create JCD389 USB-C Modular Mini Dock 11-in-1

j5create JCD389 USB-C™ Multi-Display Modular Dock is a versatile mini docking station featuring 5 detachable magnetic kits along with the main body for 12 combinations…

J5Create JCD543 USB-C Triple Display Docking Station

This triple display docking station turns your Mac® or Windows® laptop into a full workstation with a DisplayPort™ output, two HDMI™ outputs, and a VGA…

j5create JCD612 USB-C™ Modular Mini Dock For iPad Pro

j5create JCD612 is designed specifically for iPad Pro® with a USB-C® connection, allowing you to connect to an additional 4K60 display via HDMI™…

j5create JCDP385 USB-C Powered Mini Docking Station

j5create JCDP385 USB Type-C™ Power Dock is an accessory that works with Windows®, macOS® X, and Android™ OS, featuring a USB™ Hub that offers Power…

j5create JCDP392 90W PD USB-C Docking Station

j5create JCDP392 is a 90W Built-in USB-C Travel Dock that combines the capability of four single-function adapters into a portable docking station for your laptop…

j5create JDD321B Black Mini Dock for Surface pro

j5create JDD321B is an 8-in-1 ULTRADRIVEMINIDOCK™ for Surface™ Pro 4, 5, 6 that expands your connectivity options to 4K mini DisplayPort™, 4K HDMI™, USB™ Type-A…

j5create JUD380 USB 3.0 to VGA/HDMI/Ethernet/USB3.1 Dock

j5create JUD380 is a dual-monitor USB™ 3.0 mini docking station features two USB™ 3.0 Type-A ports for connecting extra peripherals, an HDMI™ & VGA output…

j5create JUD481 USB 3.0 Boomerang Station

j5create JUD481 is a USB 3.0 Boomerang Docking Station that enables you to add a second monitor instantly via HDMI and VGA connector…

j5create Ultra Drive Mini Dock for Surface™ Pro

j5create ULTRADRIVEMINIDOCK™ for Surface™ Pro 7 enables you to get more from your Microsoft® Surface Pro 7 by adding two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, 4K…

Docking Station

A docking station is an accessory that converts a laptop into a desktop computer. With the help of a docking station, your laptop can connect to a monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, storage devices, backup drives, and even a local area network (LAN). This way, you may simply utilize numerous gadgets on a single personal computer, transforming it into the perfect working device.

The adaptability of docking stations makes them an ideal accessory for those who work from home. In addition, individuals who may not necessarily use their laptops for their job or professional work but may want additional ports to connect their chosen gadgets can benefit significantly from docking stations.

Features of Docking Stations

The docking station you purchase depends on the type of computer you own, the functions you intend to use it for, and whether or not it comes with additional features.

For example, some modern docking stations come with an external power source to support connection with other devices which is beneficial to professionals on the move.

Advanced docking stations may accommodate extra computer displays, keyboards, and speakers. It may also have additional USB-C ports for connecting to printers, external hard drives, microphones, and audio devices. Read more to learn about the seven most important features of docking stations.

Laptop docking stations

Most gaming or creative professionals prefer a desktop computer over a laptop for obvious reasons: wider screen, better graphics, faster processing, easier upgrades, better sound, and smoother processing of heavy workload. However, if you are a student or in a line of work where you need the portability and versatility that a laptop provides, you can level the playing field with a dock station.

By offering several connections for computer accessories and peripherals, laptop docking stations make it possible to add supplementary devices such as secondary displays for multi-tasking and other devices like speakers and a microphone for input/output devices.

In addition, these docking stations use modern USB cables that deliver high data transmission speeds and full compatibility with docking stations so you may have the best of both worlds: the familiarity of a desktop environment when you are in the office and the mobility of a laptop when you are away. Read more to learn about how to choose the best laptop docking station.

USB-C docking stations

A USB-C docking station supports connection with numerous devices to laptops through multiple device-appropriate ports, which enables office employees, remote workers, and freelancers to build a powerful, fully-functional and fixed workstation. These docking stations can easily support multiple external hard drives, microphones, keyboards, multiple displays, and SD card readers.

Additionally, many USB-C docking stations can be mounted on stands to offer more free desk space. Some even come with a power passthrough capability and a power supply unit (PSU) to charge your laptop and eliminate the need for a laptop charger.

Universal docking stations

Numerous laptop manufacturers create docking stations exclusively for certain models and provide proprietary input connectors, which raises the issue of compatibility with other devices. This is where universal docking stations differ from other docking stations.

Universal docking stations are compatible with various systems, laptops, and other devices and have no compatibility restrictions. Therefore, such docking stations are excellent cost effective solutions for organizations with employees using various laptops from different manufacturers, or corporations that want to replace their computers with those of a different brand.

Newcom, one of the best docking station distributors in the Middle East, has an extensive collection of high-quality laptop docking stations, including USB-C docking stations and universal docking stations. We list the highest-rated docking stations (from top brands such as Targus and J5) that are super convenient to transport and won't require too much room on your desk.