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Hp 38784 Wireless Presenter Remote

HP 38784 Wireless Presenter with Button Type Controls, Perfect for Professional Presentations…

Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote

$23.00 $59.00
Deliver impactful presentations with the R500 Laser Presentation Remote. Move freely and navigate slides from up to 20 meters away – and point out precise…

Logitech Spotlight Plus Grey Presentation Remote 910-005166

Logitech Spotlight Plus Presentation Remote Control 910-005166 offers an Advanced pointer system precisely highlights or magnifies, On-screen cursor to play videos…

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 presentation remote control

Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter Remote Control 910-001354 offers Up to 50 feet range and battery indicators help you make ordinary presentations extraordinary.…

Logitech Wireless Professional Presenter Spotlight

Spotlight is a whole new standard in presentation control — specifically designed to keep people engaged.…

Rapoo XR200 Wireless Laser Presenter 19918

Rapoo XR200 Wireless Presenter comes with a 3R class red laser with an irradiation distance of about 100 meters.…

Targus AMP09EU Laptop Multimedia Black Presentation Remote

Targus AMP09EU Laptop Multimedia Black Presentation Remote clear & intuitive layout enables users to open and operate a presentation with ease…

Presentation Remote

A presentation remote is a handheld wireless device that enables the user to progress or rewind through slides quickly with either a clicker or thumb scroll. A speaker may use a wireless presenter with a laser pointer to highlight some specific content clearly even when he/she is far away from the screen.

One significant advantage these Bluetooth presentation remotes provide is their simplicity of operation, thanks to their wireless functionality. Some of these remotes even feature a USB- receiver storage for easier accessibility.

Usage of Presentation Remote

Presentation remotes perform multiple functions, such as changing slides and highlighting key points while still focusing on the audience. Four of the most significant benefits of these presentation remotes are mentioned below.

  • Focus on the audience: Wireless presenters help you focus on the listeners and interact with your audience by giving you the freedom to walk around the room while simultaneously changing slides and highlighting key areas instead of standing by your laptop and operating the slides manually.
  • Get Control: These devices come with a pointer clicker, which gives you complete control as to when and at which pace you want to change slides. This eliminates the need to have someone else manage the presentation from the computer while you speak, giving you ultimate control as you present.
  • Fewer Distractions: Walking back to your computer every time to change slides can be distracting for you and your audience. Using these remotes stops these distractions and helps you move freely as you speak. It also lets you maintain eye contact with the audience instead of looking at your laptop during presentations.
  • More Professional: It makes your presentation look more professional without needing extra devices on the forefront, such as your laptop. In addition, these wireless remotes limit wire usage during the presentation, which adds to the professionalism.

Newcom's offerings

Newcom, one of the best presentation remote distributors in the MEA region, provides a wide range of wireless, Bluetooth, and laser pointer-equipped remotes for a smooth presentation experience from brands such as Logitech, Targus, and Rapoo.