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Targus 360 Perimeter 15.6″ Laptop Sleeve – Ebony – TSS95004EU

Product Number: TSS95004EU Padded sleeve fits up to 15.6” laptops, tablets & 2-in-1 devices Three layers of durable padding offer outstanding protection for your device Contemporary two-tone external design…

Targus City Gear 14″ Black Laptop Sleeve TSS931EU

Targus TSS931EU CityGear 14" Laptop Sleeve with Padded sleeve to fit up to 14” laptops & 2-in-1 devices, Elasticated neoprene corners secure hardware inside the…

Targus CityLite 13″ MacBook ProSleeve TSS975GL

Targus TSS975GL CityLite Laptop Sleeve specifically designed to fit 13” MacBook Pro With its soft inner lining, secure hold, and a fashionable, hard-wearing look that…

Targus CityLite 15.6″ Laptop Sleeve TSS977GL

Targus TSS977GL CityLite Laptop Sleeve specifically designed to fit 15.6” Laptop with Contemporary urban design, Luxurious soft lining to protect your tech from bumps and…

Targus CityLite 15″ MacBook Pro Sleeve TSS976GL

Targus TSS976GL CityLite Laptop Sleeve specifically designed to fit 15” MacBook Contemporary urban design, Luxurious soft lining to protect your tech from bumps and scratches…

Targus TBS64702GL Cypress 15.6” Sleeve with EcoSmart

Targus TBS64702GL Cypress Sleeve with EcoSmart® in grey protects your laptop from scuffs and scratches in an eco-friendly design          …

Targus TBS952GL 11″-12″ Mobile Elite Sleeve

Protect your laptop and necessary accessories with the Mobile Elite 11-12” Sleeve. The padded, main compartment helps keep your laptop safe from dust, bumps, and…

Targus TBS953GL 13″-14″ Mobile Elite Sleeve

Targus TBS953GL 13"-14" Mobile Elite Sleeve provide protection in a slim, lightweight design for 13-14” laptops.  …

Targus TBS954GL 15″-16″ Mobile Elite Sleeve

Targus TBS954GL 15"-16" Mobile Elite Sleeve provides protection in a slim, lightweight design for 15-16” laptops.      …

Targus Versa 10.5″ Black iPad Pro THZ676GL

Targus THZ676GL Versavu Case for the 10.5" iPad Air & 10.5" iPad Pro Sound-enhancing scoops for iPad speakers, Includes Apple Pencil holder…

Tucano Element Sleeve for MacBook 13″

Tucano Element Sleeve for MacBook 13″ shows off a smooth, totally original look with embossed graphics and bright fabric.…

Tucano Nido Hard-Shell Case – Black 13″ MacBook Air – HSNI-MBAR13-BK

Product Number: HSNI-MBAR13-BK Durable, polycarbonate hard-shell case prevents scrapes, scratches, and scuffs Tucano logo on case back cover Apple logo is visible through case Anti-slip rubber, bottom feet enhance stability Ventilation…

Sleeves & Hardshells

A laptop sleeve is a protective bag/pouch typically made from neoprene and is slightly larger than the laptop itself. Laptop sleeves are a more compact and convenient alternative to bulkier bags when one needs to carry just their laptop. Sleeves do an equally good job of shielding the device from shocks, scratches, water, and dust.

However, when safety is the top priority, nothing can replace a laptop hardshell case. These cases, just like sleeves, save space while protecting your laptop and come with different designs and patterns to make your laptop more visually attractive.

Hardshell cases are generally custom designed as per the model and dimensions of different laptops, with some even offering foam cushioning, as an interior lining, for extra protection.

Benefits of laptop sleeves

Laptop computer sleeves reduce the amount of dirt and grime that comes from constant exposure to different surfaces and provide laptops some protection from accidental drops and scratches.

In addition, laptop sleeves provide a wide range of other benefits.

  • Compact design: Laptop sleeves have a slim profile, making them take up far less room than conventional bags. In addition, their lightweight design makes them a perfect fit in the workplace and classrooms.
  • Storage facility: Laptop sleeves offer the best storage space not just for your laptop but also for numerous other accessories such as a notebook, pen, and charging device.
  • Different shapes and sizes: Before deciding the best laptop sleeve for your laptop, do consider that sleeves come in a wide range of sizes and configurations to provide an adequate fit around the laptop, so you just have to choose one that perfectly fits your laptop.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Particles of dirt and dust often settle inside laptops and cause them to malfunction by damaging the internal circuitry of the motherboard. Laptop sleeves protect your laptop from dirt and dust and, thus, contribute to its longevity.
  • Providing protection: Your laptop needs to be padded to ensure its safety through a rough trip. This is where laptop sleeves come to the rescue, as they shield your laptop from bumps, scratches, and dust while also being extremely portable.
  • Waterproof protection: Most laptop sleeves come with water-resistant features. However, this should not encourage you to fully immerse the laptop sleeve carrying your laptop inside water. The water resistance properties of the sleeve will protect the laptop only against accidental liquid spillage, although you need to dry your laptop out immediately.

Benefits of hardshells

Hardshell laptop cases offer the best protection for your laptop, as they are made of tough materials that can withstand high-magnitude impact besides regular wear and tear.

The best laptop cases available today are hardshells, and they come with a host of other benefits, too, making them a must-buy for any laptop owner.

  • Protects laptop from damage: Protecting your laptop with a hardshell cover definitely adds to its longevity. These cases add a layer of defense against damage from drops, scratches, and other types that comes with regular use.
  • Keeps laptop clean: Laptop hardshell cases are adequate for keeping your laptop clean as well because they protect the computer from dirt, dust, and other debris that can damage your laptop's motherboard and affect its functioning.
  • Ease of use: Hardshell cases for laptops are easy to use as they are designed to snap on and off from your laptop. This makes its application and removal convenient and user-friendly.
  • Portable and convenient: Laptop hardshell cases offer protection to your laptop while traveling. These cases are made of durable material that shock proofs the devices against bumps and falls, and the lightweight feature of hardshells makes them easy to carry anywhere.

Newcom's offerings

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