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Hp 38772 USB-C TO HDMI HUB Extend the versatility of your Notebook by adding extra connectivity, Supports HDMI video resolution up to 4K…

HP USB A to USB-A Hub 3.0

HP 38770 USB A To USB-A Hub 3.0 Extend the versatility of your PC or Notebook by adding 4 additional USB A ports, Supports USB…

j5create JCA374 USB-C to HDMI/G Ethernet/USB

j5create JCA374 allows you to add two additional USB™ peripherals, a 4K or 1080p HDMI™ display, and Gigabit Ethernet through your USB-C® port…

j5create JCA379 USB-C to HDMI/USB 3.0 with PD Adapter

Add extra functionality to your laptop with the JCA379 USB-C® to HDMI™ & USB™ 3.0 with Power Delivery.…

j5create JCD382 Thunderbolt Ultradrive for MAC

j5create JCD382 ULTRA DRIVE MINI DOCK gives you the ability to keep a Thunderbolt™ 3 port and add several standard connections…

j5create JCH343 USB-C 4-Port HUB

j5create JCH343 SB-C 4-port hub expands your laptop connectivity by adding four USB Type-A ports through a single USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port…

j5create JCH346 USB-C 4-Port Hub USB-A/USB-C/PD 2.0

j5create JCH346 USB-C 4-Port Hub lets you add a USB-C port and 3 USB Type-A ports to your laptop, with support for USB power delivery…

j5create JCH377 USB TYPE-C 3.0 7-PORT HUB

j5create JCH377 is a USB-C™ 7-port Hub that turns a single USB™ port into seven USB™ Type-A ports and features a compact design so you…

j5create JUH340 USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

j5create JUH340 high-performance USB 3.0 4-Port Mini Hub allows up to four USB 3.0 devices to be connected simultaneously at a transmission speed of 5…

j5create JUH377 USB 3.0 7-Port HUB

Product Number: JUH377 • USB™ 3.0 SuperSpeed, 10 times faster transfer rate (5 Gbps), backward compatible with USB™ 2.0 and USB™ 1.0 specifications • Extends your MacBook® or…

Lindy 4 Port USB Type C Hub

Lindy 4 Port USB Type C Hub allows the user to connect 4 additional peripherals to a USB Type A equipped computer.…

Lindy 43091 USB 3.1 TYPE C Hub 4 Port

Lindy 43091 4 Port USB 3.1 Type C Hub allows the user to connect 2 USB Type A and 2 USB Type C peripherals to…


Many laptop and PC manufacturers today, to reduce their units’ dimensions and weight, provide a much lesser number of USB ports in their devices. In such cases, there’s a risk of users running out of ports to connect multiple gadgets. This is where an external USB hub can come to your rescue. USB (Universal Serial Bus) hubs are external devices that can extend a single USB port on your laptop or desktop to two, four, or even ten additional ports.

USB laptop hubs help connect multiple peripherals to your laptop, such as keyboards and mice, external USB hard drives, monitors, and webcams. Many USB hubs also have the ability to connect to other standards, such as HDMI for displays and Ethernet for the internet.

Features to look for when buying a hub

There are multiple features one needs to consider while looking for the “ideal hub,” as the selection of these devices is subject to an individual’s specific requirements. However, listed below are some common factors most people check while choosing hubs:

  • Connection to host: USB hubs come with different connectors, such as USB-A, USB-B, and USB-C, and your electronic gadget needs to have a compatible port for the hub to connect to your main device. Many laptops come with only USB-C ports; in that case, you need to invest in a USB-C hub.
  • Number of output ports: Before buying a USB hub, you need to make sure of the number of devices you need to attach to it. Then, check if the hub comes with the number of ports you require to connect to your device.
  • Transfer speed: Different users operate devices that need to operate at different data transfer speeds, so before making the purchase, you need to make sure the hub supports the USB standard required for your devices. The most common standards are USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB-C.
  • OS Compatibility: Ensure that the hub is compatible with your laptop's operating system and the devices you plan to connect. Some hubs are solely designed for Mac or Windows systems, so it is essential to check compatibility.
  • Size and design: Some hubs are designed to be compact and portable, while others are designed to sit on a desk. Consider the size and design of the hub to ensure that it fits well with your laptop setup and portability needs.
  • Power delivery: If you plan to connect power-hungry devices such as external hard drives or graphics cards, make sure the hub has enough power delivery to support these devices. A powered USB hub typically offers up to 100W of charging power, which is enough to charge a laptop.
  • Price: Determine your budget for the hub and compare prices across different brands and models to find the best value for your needs.

Newcom's offerings

Newcom, one of the best USB hubs distributors in MEA/Middle East and Africa, provides a wide range of high-efficiency, budget-friendly hubs that cater to all your needs from brands such as j5create, Lindy, and Targus.