Logitech Rally Bar Mini Graphite:960-001340 / White:960-001341 / Off White: 960-001352

$12.00 $33.00
  • In an era where remote collaboration is an integral part of businesses and teams, Logitech has reimagined the landscape of video conferencing with the Rally Bar Mini.The Logitech Rally Bar Mini is a compact all-in-one video conferencing solution, redefining video calls for small spaces. Its advanced camera, premium audio, and an additional AI-powered camera with various mounting options deliver an exceptional meeting experience. Whether in huddle spaces or small conference rooms, it ensures crystal-clear video and audio quality while its smart features optimize framing and audio capture either through its standalone CollabOS-enabled appliance or through a USB connection with a computer. The Rally Bar Mini is a tried-and-true member of Logitech’s premium video-conferencing solution: the Rally series. It fits in the family as the solution for smaller huddle spaces. Let’s find out why.
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