TP-Link Tapo S210 Smart Light Switch 1 Gang 1 Way

Make the Seamless Switch to Smart Living with Tplink Tapo S210

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Voice Control
Use simple voice commands to turn your lights on and off with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.
Remote Control
Control your home lighting from anywhere by using the Tapo app.
Smart Actions
Set up Smart Actions to trigger your switch with sensors, or group lights and devices onto one switch to control the entire room with one-touch.
Schedule & Timer
Set your home to run your lights automatically at the exact times you choose.
Delayed Shutoff
Before you leave home, give yourself a few more minutes of light after you press the switch.
Away Mode
Let your lights turn themselves on and off to trick burglars into thinking someone’s home.
No Neutral Required
Perfect for homes that don’t have a standard neutral wire.
S220 stays powered for over a year and then only needs a quick change of batteries.
Works with Most Bulbs
Experience flicker-free lighting with your favorite incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs.