TP-Link Tapo H100 Tapo Smart IoT Hub

Tplink Tapo H100 Tapo smart home, connecting devices like smart sensors, switches and buttons, using an ultra-low power wireless protocol.

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Faster & More Reliable Local Smart Actions

Your favorite Smart Actions now work even when the internet is down thanks to the Tapo Hub. No cloud required and no endless loading times enable instant responses and reliable home automation.

Our New Smart Doorbell

Build your smart doorbell system by installing the Tapo Smart Button on your door and pairing it with your Smart Hub. Mute and unmute notifications with a quick button press on the hub.

Protect Your Home Day and Night

Working with Tapo motion sensors, door/window sensors, and more, the Tapo Hub can sound a loud siren (up to 90 dB) to warn of danger or deter intruders.