Samsung Odyssey G7 LS28BG702EMXUE, LS32BG702EMXUE Smart Gaming Monitor

$58.00 $85.00

Prepare for an epic gaming journey with the Samsung Odyssey G7 Smart Gaming Monitors in 28 and 32-inch flavors. By offering HDR400 standard, UHD resolution in an IPS panel, and G-Sync compatibility, the G7 lineup delivers breathtaking visuals and smooth gameplay with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The ergonomic stands offer optimal viewing angles, while CoreSync and Core Lighting Design add a customizable gaming aesthetic. The monitors also works as Smart TVs, providing access to streaming apps. With Game Bar, Auto Source Switch+, and the Samsung Gaming Hub, these monitors are a gaming enthusiast’s dream, offering a blazing-fast and immersive gaming experience.

28" 32"
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